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Ticket Vouchers Now Available with XB1/PS4 Digital Copies of NASCAR Heat 3

We are happy to announce that digital copies of NASCAR Heat 3 on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 now offer the $50 NASCAR Ticket Voucher!

NASCAR Heat 2: Patch 3

Today we're launching another patch for NASCAR Heat 2 on PS4 and Xbox One, Steam will launch on Thursday. Here is the full list of features in Patch 2 for NASCAR...


NASCAR Heat 2: Patch 2

We've got another patch coming to NASCAR Heat 2 today on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The patch will arrive next week on PC/Steam. In this update, we're mainly...

NASCAR Heat 2: Patch 1

10/16/17 Update: The console update is now live!It's hard to believe NASCAR Heat 2 has already been out for a month! We've been listening to your feedback...