About Us

704Games, NASCAR’s exclusive esports partner for simulation-style video games on console platforms, was founded in January 2015 by industry veterans. The mission was to rebuild the NASCAR video game franchise and the team we assembled has worked on the best NASCAR games in history. Our goal is to focus on the fun, engaging, and competitive racing that captures the lifestyle and excitement NASCAR brings to the track each and every week.

NASCAR Heat Evolution launched in 2016 and delivered a solid foundation we could continue to expand upon for years to come. NASCAR Heat 2 arrived the following year and saw the addition of the NASCAR Xfinity Series and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. In September 2018, we released NASCAR Heat 3. From the expanded Career mode with all-new dirt racing to the introduction of esports tournaments and online multiplayer leaderboards, fans are able to enjoy NASCAR in all new ways.

In addition to our console games, we’re focused on reaching mobile gamers as well. In April 2017, NASCAR Heat Mobile debuted. In this exciting iOS and Android game, 40 NASCAR stock cars race on the track together for the first time on mobile devices. NASCAR Heat Mobile also features a world-building component for fans to create the ultimate NASCAR empire. NASCAR Heat Mobile is free to download on today’s most popular mobile devices.

In 2018, international media and technology company Motorsport Network made an investment in 704Games. With the investment came a license extension from NASCAR through 2029. We’re proud to have Motorsport Network as a new partner and together we’ll continue to create high quality games with a large focus on the emerging area of esports.

At 704Games, we’ve made amazing strides with NASCAR video games and have exciting plans for the future!